Warm up your life with Bikram Yoga


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Today I want to share with you about my experience of exploring Bikram Yoga.


Overall, I am very sport’s loving personality & was doing different sport’s activities since my very early age.  Mostly I am fan of active and high intensity work outs like less Mills Programmes: Grit, CX 30, BodyPump, BodyAttack as well as running & CrossFit. With my normal routine, I am exercising about 3-7 times a week & about once a week I used to integrate “normal” yoga for stretching, relaxation & peace of mind.

I was pretty happy with my sport routine & was not looking forward to differentiate it, however, at one point I decided to go and try Bikram yoga by myself.

The reasons behind my decision was pretty simple. I saw “wonderful miraculous” changes happened to many people I know of, who started practising Bikram yoga on frequent basis.


To be more clear and specific, one person at my workplace, was working as Sales Manager for about 7 years without any promotions, etc and within few months after starting practicing Bikram yoga, he moved to different country as International Sales Director, stepping up on totally new level with his career; another person was working at Director of a big department and was pretty successful; after starting practice of Bikram yoga almost every day, he found even better job and moved overseas; Another girl, all the sudden, just after few classes of practice, got romantic proposal with very beautiful ring; before that she was in relationship for many years without moving anywhere. I can go on and on with examples, but pretty much, after putting all things together & thoughts, Bikram yoga makes things happened, so I  decided that I should give it a go & try hot yoga by myself and see what’s will happen next.

To be honest, my first class was very challenging and I had no idea of what I was doing and was thinking to leave the room ASAP. The only reason, I stayed, because door to the classroom was locked from inside and it was very impolite just to take my mat and leave. However, to my surprise, with every following class, it was becoming easier and easier to complete and after about 4 classes, I started really enjoying the process.


What interesting things I found out while practicing:

  1. No matter which part of the world you are taking the class, it always will be the same class with same exercise sequence: 26 yoga poses and 2 breathing exercises. It seems a bit boring at first, but you can really work out on the quality of the poses and get better stretching with the time.
  2. Hot yoga is very popular between males rather than females: more than half of the class room are filled my men and they are actually very attractive ones. The only other class, I saw that many males on a floor is Body Pump (lifting class).
  3. After every single class, skin feels just amazing and very hydrated & soft. And I am talking about face. Women can really appreciate the positive impact on how good ther skin looks and feels.
  4. The more classes you do, the more it’s addictive.
  5. After class, you don’t want to eat, no matter what time of the day it is. Appetite is getting away or much reduced and you have desire for healthier food options.
  6. You are losing interest for drinking alcohol. Yes, that’s right, you just don’t want it, even glass of wine is not on to do list after busy day.
  7. You are getting miracles happening to your normal life.
  8. Very interesting changes are happening to emotions & feelings (e.g., I started to feel and see many things differently, with totally new point of view on a things; at one stage, I was very overcoming with my feelings related to my past, I believe it was kind of healing process for my conscious or something).
  9. I believe practising of hot yoga helps you to be a better person.


If you feel encouraged and want to try, I have tips of how to go thought the first classes:

  1. Get comfy outfit. It might be shorts and bra or it also might be capri / long tights with top (as long as you are comfortable with your body during awkward possess).
  2. Drink before getting to class
  3. Be in “ready to go mode” at least 10 min before the class. Doors to the classroom might be locked with no access for late arrivals.
  4. If you feel dizzy during the class, just stop doing exercise for a min or two and lie down on your back to calm down
  5. Bring your fresh face towel with you. During the class, it might be very handy due to extensive sweating
  6. Bring your mat and big towel. You can hire both of them but I found it much more hygienically to use your own mat (no other people’s bacteria, traces of sweat on your mat). You need to cover mat to protect yourself from being slept over.

Overall, I found that Bikram Yoga is something really awesome and worth to be integrated to normal fitness routine, and it brings many positive changes to get better life as well as to feel better. Especially, nothing can be better than Bikram Yoga on a cold winter or raining day.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you found here what you was looking for. My intention is to share my knowledge and experience with those who need it and I really hope it will help you a bit on your journey to Perfect You.

If you wish to add the line with your valuable Bikram Yoga experience, please share it with us in the comment below.

Lots of love xxx


Laser Resurfacing Treatment is a Secret Weapon of Our Time


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Nowadays with availability of new modern technologies, we have so many wonderful & innovative things available to us which give us unique opportunities to maintain our beauty. However, as all new, it takes some time for us to make up our mind to be ready to try some of the new things; or we simply need to fight our fears against possible harm from side effects.

Today I would love to share with you about my experience of having laser resurfacing treatment (or CO2 Fractional Laser treatment).

I have done my first session about 5 years ago and it was totally by pure accident.


I came for appointment with dermatologist in one of very trusted beauty clinics willing to do simple microdermabrasion treatment, however, prior of starting treatment, doctor asked me few questions in order to establish my needs, and found out what I was aiming to achieve afterwards. At that time, I was after glowing skin with flawless texture (as I had a bit of large pores around nose area after my teenager’s time of acnes). As a result, doctor recommended me to do CO2 laser treatment instead and I left clinic with performed procedure of fractional laser on my face. By that time, I had no idea what that treatment was about but was very impressed with results.


So, what’s is Fractional CO2 laser treatment (or Fraxel treatment)? Fractional CO2 treatment is skin resurfacing treatment which dramatically improve skin texture, acne scaring and give you glowing, younger looking skin 1 -3 months after the treatment (please note: results might vary). Basically by using laser, doctor punched into skin tiny holes or dots (with certain matrix / programmed pattern) which “damage” and/or “burning” the skin layers; as result, damaged skin going to emergency self-repair mode & naturally starting to work on its max and heal itself (building new skin), as result within 1-3 months it stimulates production lots of new collagen and giving you younger, better looking skin.


What results I had? I went to beauty specialist willing to get rid of post-acne scars from my teen’s time (and large pores around nose area). Doctor strongly recommended me this treatment as unique solution for my problem’s areas. In reality, few months later I got myself much younger looking skin with dramatically improved texture. It was very noticeable that my face was looking at least 5 years younger and I had same “quality” texture as when I was pre-teen age. I was very impressed with results. That’s why few years later I have repeated procedure trying to have “Déjà vu” result again (please note I only speak for my results).


Which place to choose to get professional treatment? I would highly recommend you to do proper research and choose well trusted clinic and well respected doctor (whom you can trust your precious asset). It will give you assurance in best result and also save you from being disappointed with outcome later.

When I have done my treatments, I had no idea about CO2 fractional laser and had never heard about it before. However, after procedure, I was searching online for other people’s opinion (as I was thinking how come I have not heard before about such an awesome thing), and found lots and lots of negative and very sad reviews. So I think right specialist & right place are key to success (worth to mention that it’s very up to doctor to choose correct settings for your treatment (from very light to aggressive) in order to deliver you best and safest results

How many treatments you need? It’s recommended to have 3 treatments with interval about 1 to 3 months between for better results, however, I had only 2 treatments with 3 years apart. Also how many treatments you require, depends on your needs, skin conditions and what end results you want to achieve. Also everyone has different reaction to the laser, your trusted doctor will recommend you the best programme for you.

In Shot Pros and Cons below:


  • Better skin texture
  • Better looking skin
  • Younger looking skin
  • Antiaging
  • Reduction of post acne scars
  • Reduction and/or disappearance of wrinkles – depending on your age


  • Might require downtime from 1 day to 1-2 weeks (depending how aggressive was your treatment and also depending on machine being used)
  • you might need to use special aftercare routine recommended by your doctor (for faster healing)
  • You might be freaked out if you see yourself in the mirror right after procedure (as face might be very red (burned) if treatment made on very aggressive settings, however, it’s not always the case.
  • it’s a might be very painful (however, doctor normally using topical anaesthetic cream, still painful :))


Laser treatment at home? After doing laser procedure for few times, you might be very addicted towards it, however, might find one big disadvantage: price. CO2 fractional laser treatment is a bit costly but results are very worth it. To continue with repeat treatments can be significant investment and it might be worth to buy your own beauty gadget for home use as good alternative to treatments made by a professional. Laser device for home use is not that effective as powerful machine at doctor’s place, however, with your commitment and time, you might achieve very impressive results.

There are two trusted beauty gadgets to choose from at the moment: Tria Beauty Age-Defying Laser & Anti-aging Dot Matrix Skin Care RF Thermage Fractional. Both laser gadgets are delivering pretty inspiring results and the cost of device compatible with one procedure performed by professional (Tria Laser, $495) or much lower (Dot Martix, $92) . Home device can save you money if you commit for frequent sessions.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you found here what you was looking for. My intention is to share my knowledge and experience with those who need it and I really hope it will help you a bit on your journey to Perfect You.

Please also check my other article about Antiaging

If you wish to add the line with your valuable experience, please share it with us in the comment below.

Lots of love xxx


Magic Solutions to Attract your Dream Job and Be Successful in Life


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Today’s world is not the same as the world of our parents and grand parents.

Most of us are very ambitious and we want to achieve so many things in our lives and career might be very important part of our dreams (as in many cases , our job pays for lifestyle we have and/or wish to have).  Another words, figure with desired number of zeros coming into our bank account might make  many of our dreams happen much faster.  Money make it easy to travel, buy favourite brands of clothes & all you need beauty stuff, own house in desirable location with fantastic interior/exterior, get that car of your dream and of course get that something special that only you want.

Besides that, at some point, we might stuck all the sudden  in one position for a good while and don’t seeing any light at the end of the tunnel.


After struggling for some time, we might  just give up on our career dreams and think that that’s it. BUT……

  1. NEVER GIVE UP. So many examples saying to us that success comes to those who get up after each fail
  2. Take holidays or just weekend away to beautiful destination. It will help you to relax and re-think with fresh mind about many things: your life, your small and big goals, your dreams, your needs and many other things. You probably noticed that the moment you step away from your normal routine, in many cases  you was getting very important phone call, txt and/or email providing you great opportunity for something you really need.http://instagram.com/p/12tU1UG0yr/
  3. When you calm, relax and in a great state of mind, make (update, revise) the list with your career dreams (do not limit yourself and think big)
  4. Make display board with your career dreams and display it where you see it the most often: you choose, it might be fridge, wall opposite your bed, living room, etc.  Its many recommendations how to do it on the net. However, simple way is to buy big colourful sheet, take all o your magazines and cut out pictures which reflect your dreams in some way
  5. Every morning and night spend at least 10 min visualising your career dreams and make it very clear to your mind that they are already are achieved. Imagination must be so real that you must feel that you already got it. E.G. if you want to be CEO of your company, you must see everyday morning meetings with your directors, problems you face, discussing about release of the new products, etc
  6. In your room, house, garden find your career sector (Northern corner for Northern hemisphere countries and Southern corner for Southern Hemisphere countries) and place there fountain, aquarium and/or picture with element of water. Also It will be great to place there that something special for you which you make you feel that your career goals are achieved; and/or place there photos of people which made significant achievements in area you operate (e.g. if you working in IT – Bill Gates, fashion industry  – one of the famous fashion designers).http://instagram.com/p/040j7Pm0_O/
  7. Clean your living space from all clutter: all the clothes you don’t wear anymore, or clothes with smaller/bigger size give to those who need it; destroy all notes from University which you wont need again in the next year or next 5 years, all broken dishes, all food cans from the kitchen with expire due date, etc. Special place which require urgent attention is storage room – do not afraid to get rid of that or do garage sale. All unwanted stock must go!
  8. Stay positive no matter what. Unintentional everyone is always in favour positive people rather than negative. Think about it.
  9. Give others what you seek. If you are after promotion, help other people to get promotion; if you are after skills development, help other to develop their skills. It might sounds very strange, but that will do wonders in your life
  10. Change your life style for a better one. You might enrol for yoga class or you might start running every morning.  New activity will help to clear your mind and give free space for something new and exciting in your life.
  11. Find something that inspire you and come back to that something again and again.  You must believe / retrieve faith in your dreams.
  12. Read motivational and inspirational books. E.G. Think Bigger by Michael Hill, You’ll See it When You Believe it by Wayne W. Dyer, The Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success by Dr Deepak Chopra and it so many of other great book to choose.
  13. Watch motivational documentary and movie / movies which touch your heart and make you remember why you started all of that  and fight for your dreams again. E.G. Famous Secret by Rhonda Byrne, shows of Oprah, etc
  14. Fake it until you make it
  15. Celebrate Success. Its very important step to acknowledge your success and don’t forget to thank others who helped you to get there. People value appreciation same way you like to hear how special you are 🙂http://instagram.com/p/1cuVHWG08E/
  16. Be Better Person Every Day

I hope that a little something from me will help you to achieve your career dreams and get income you wish.

That topic is not directly related with the vision of Beauty and Gadgets, however, its indirectly related to beauty of the life, so I thought my intention to share my vision with many females will help those who need it.

If you know some other magic secrets, please share with us in the comment below

Lots of love xxx

Magic Tools to Fight your Very First Wrinkles


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With today  environmental pollution, stress level and many other factors, wrinkles might appears at very young age.

Few months ago I have experienced a little shock when one morning I looked at myself in the mirror and to my huge surprise, noticed the appearance of one forehead wrinkle and  few under eyes ones. I was totally not ready to accept first signs of aging, as before every other mornings, I was checking out my reflection in the mirror very closely and have not seen this wrinkles coming.


As a result, I had to come up with express magic solution against first sign of aging. My research over the internet together with numerous consultations with beauty therapists, helped me to develop my first aid kit to fight my very first tiny wrinkles.
So, First of all:

* Do not panic. We are all aging at different time (more or less; early or later)

* Say No to Stress. Learn to control your emotions. Stress will leave a shadow on your face with lots of new wrinkles (and even can result you to have gray hairs much early)

* Eat right food. Toxin food will worsen conditions

* Have a good sleep. It’s very important to have at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep

* Exercise regularly.  It will help to remove toxins out of your skin

* Take right skin care. Try to follow your beauty routine every day

* Thank Yourself. Please treat yourself at least once in a month with special facial made in Beauty Spa (Oxygen facial).

Secondly add new anti aging products to your beauty magic kit. There are lots and lots of high quality products on the market, however, I found my top three products:
* Capture Totale Eyes Essential Super Serum. That product based on Nobel Prize winning discovery and suitable for all ages. Super Serum will benefit your under eyes areas with eliminating toxins from the skin, regenerates and energizes skin.

* Capture XP Ultimate Wrinkle Correction Eye Cream is Expert to correct wrinkles

* Dream Skin Capture Totale is unique perfect skin creator which refining skin texture, increasing radiance, minimizing pores, reducing dark spots and redness. It’s all in one solution for perfect skin and suitable for all ages.


Thirdly, when applying products, use your fingers and massage your skin, it will help to penetrate product much deeper and to also will firm your skin.

By practicing my magic program for the last two months, I can confirm that my forehead wrinkle is disappeared and my under eyes ones are reduced a lot and I believe it will be gone soon completely.

That’s all from me!

Please share in comment your experience and magic skin care secrets 🙂

Love you lots ….. xxxx

Keratin Treatment is your Express Ticket for Gorgeous Looking Hair


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If you have hair which is hard to manage, maybe you can consider keratin treatment. Keratin treatment is very popular hair’s treatment at the moment, mostly among young women with long hair. Why?  Because it make hair look amazing with gorgeous healthy shine and give your hair texture of the silk.

What is Keratin Treatment?  Lots of people call it keratin straightening  which is not quite correct and causing confusion for many women and many of us have expectations for hair is  to be totally strait after the treatment. But in reality it’s pretty much only smoothing treatment which makes hair very easy to manage and to style. During the procedure, keratin seals into the cuticle to lock out freeze and to reduce curl. In salon procedure normally takes up to three hours where professional will wash your hair first, dry it out, then apply keratin & leave it for 15-30 min to seal in, then dry it again and straighten  with hair straightener to finish off.  From that moment, you can not wash or comb your hair during the next 72 hours after procedure. Personally, I got to know about keratin few years ago, and since I dare to try this treatment for the first time, I’m totally addicted  to it and do repeat treatments every 5 to 7 months.

How much does it cost? Few years ago I was spending about $500 to $700 for in salon procedure for each treatment, however, nowadays it’s very and very affordable and can cost you as little as $89  to $400.

How  long does it last? Normally it says it last for 3 to 6 months. Longevity period is different for everyone & depends on many things (e.g. hair type), however, mostly it depends how good you do maintenance after the treatment. I found that premium results I can achieve with best matching to me product of shampoo and conditioner. At the moment its huge variety of products to choose from and it can be very tricky or easy to find the  right one which will work best for you.

Where it can be done? I would highly recommend you to do research and ask your friends and/or forum, Facebook groups for recommendations for the best places around area you live. Despite its amazing treatment, it can harm your hair in case its done by non trained professional or with lack of experience in that particular treatment.

Recommended care: During many years I have tried big variety of different products, and by now I have my favourite top three brands.

  • The most impressive results I got from using Keratin Shampoo and Keratin Mask by Seliar Argan Hair Secrets. That post – treatment shampoo and mask are giving me the most longest feeling of having keratin inside my hair, incredible feeling like its never washing out.


  • My second favourite brand is Keratin Complex by Coppola. Also they have very nice little travel size pack which is very convenient for people who is doing lots of travelling like me
  • My third award for  outstanding results is for Re5 Keratin Gold System

In a short summary Pro and Cons below: Pros:

  • Easy to manage
  • Easy to style. It takes me just few min to strait my long hair in the morning
  • Gives gorgeous shine
  • Feels like a silk


  • You need always use keratin enriched shampoo and conditioner every time you wash your hair
  • Avoid high humidity environment (I noticed that after my frequent visits to sauna or steam room, keratin is washing out very quickly out of my hair). Tip: use special spa hat while inside of Sauna or Steaming room to protect your hair
  • Avoid swimming in salt water. If you need to, put post – treatment hair conditioner on your hair before swim or use shower cap or swimming cap while swimming

I would be very interesting to get your opinion on keratin and please share in the comment what are your most favourite products

Keep in touch xxxxx

Clarisonic: ** One Year Later and Still in Love with my Clarisonic **


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Today I’m going to share with you about my experience with Clarisonic. From my very first time I started using Clarisonic, I fall in love with that awesome beauty device and till now I’m very happy with it.Why? Because my skin has changed dramatically well and now I hardly can t imagine my life without using my Clarisonic. I got to know about Clarisonic about a year ago, however, but there are still lots and lots of people out there that till now never heard about this fantastic product.

So, what is Clarisonic? Clarisonic its a cleansing device and its like “toothbrush” for the face; Many people are becoming very addicted to using that product including myself. At the end of every single day,  I enjoy to clean my skin with Clarisonic as it makes my skin crystal clean.


What Clarisonic did for me? I should admit that my skin was reddish around nose area since my childhood and I was using make up to cover it (so pretty much I did not think that there was a way to get rid of that redness). To my surprise after using Clarisonic twice a day, redness totally disappeared about two weeks later!!! And since then I did not have that problem ever again. Also my skin became much softer and more firm as due to more than 300 sonic frequency movements/per second, brush constantly cleansing and massaging face at the same time. Additionally, movements of the brush polish skin and removing dead skin cells, so skin’s cell are renewing all the time as its kind of micro microdermabrasion for the skin.

What result you will have? I already told you about my results; I got nice, smooth & more firm skin with improved texture,  however, many people found something specifically for themselves  (like breakouts, etc)

How often you can use it? When I just started to use sonic device, I was using it twice a day: in the morning, after I woke up and in the evening (simply because I liked how my skin feels after cleansing). Six months later, I have changed my routine to once a day and now I do it every evening only.

Do you need any additional products for better results? When I made my order, I received additional product included – Refreshing Gel Cleanser by Clarisonic. This is great product and what I really like about it, that it cleans out all  dirt from the skin extremely well, however, I dont use it on every day basis (as its a bit drying my skin when I use it  more often), so I use it once or twice a week. All other time, I use my Purifying Cleansing Milk by Christian Dior (which I absolutely love as it’s very gentle). So, its really come to personal preference which product you use along & I believe it can be any of your favourites cleansing milk or gel, etc


How much does it cost? I bought my Aria Clarisonic for $199. The reason I chose Aria because at that time it was newly released product and thought its would be improved version, however, as far as I know Mia and Mia 2 doing exactly the same job but cost much less. Also they have now new version of Mia 3 and new Sonic Radiance Brightening Solution System (which I am going to try soon and update thoughts about it). In all cases, whatever device you choose they all designed to make your skin better 🙂

How to charge Clarisonic? Another amazing thing about Clarisonic that you can charge your device via your laptop and/or IPhone charger. I live in New Zealand and charging the device was one of my concerns before I bought it (as power socket and voltage we use in New Zealand Is slightly different). Normally when I buy overseas, I need to use international adaptor to charge equipment and also some companies don’t provide warranty in that case ( if you use your product in countries with different voltage – please note that you better check all specific requirements before purchase ). But when I got my device, I was surprised to know that charging can not be more easy to do. I don’t even need to use international adapter to charge my beauty gadget; I  just plug device’s cable directly  to my apple adaptor or to my laptop and that’s it.

Cleaning session while getting shower? Yes, you can. Most devices on the market you can only use without water touch. However, its not applicable to  Clarisonic. Its waterproof!!! Actually maybe I’m so dedicated towards Clarisonic that now I clean my skin while getting shower all the time and its so much easier for me. out water touch. However, its not applicable to  Clarisonic. Clarisonic is truly amazing product and personally think its one of MUST HAVE product for home use.

Please let me know in comment below what do you think.

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Lots of love xxx 🙂